The Enlightenment Network is a HUB for everyone around the world currently following a path toward enlightenment. We specifically provide courses and programming that enable you to evolve your latent potential and latent faculties of higher awareness and become enlightened from your home or digital device.

We have streaming online courses, live venues and events all over the world. You are invited to join the movement, the enlightenment of mankind. Let’s change the world.

Self-Realization Course

A 12-Precepts training to recalibrate to higher levels of consciousness, awaken your latent potential and realize the nature of yourself, through Shaktipat transmissions with Saiguru Steven S. Sadleir.

God-Realization Course

The God Realization Course – A 8-Precepts training to reach transcendental states and cosmic consciousness, realize the true nature of God, Existence and Self, guided by Saiguru Steven S. Sadleir. One should complete the Self Realization Course before taking the God Realization Course.

Two-Course Bundle

Save $50.00 when you purchase both the Self-Realization and God-Realization courses in this two-course bundle. 

This is a one-time offer, so if you decide to purchase the God-Realization course after you've finished the Self-Realization course, you will have to pay $97.00.
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